Flight 1080 Radio & Resources – 4/15/20

Its another week, and the craziness continues. We’re still sheltering in place, but still doing what we can to reach people with the Gospel. Brenten and I will be on the radio again today with Dave Michaels on the Flight 1080 radio show in Santa Cruz. You can jump on and join us, or listen in if you like. You can listen to the radio show at the link below (or on 1080 AM if you’re local), or call in. That phone number is below as well. And as usual, I’ll be posting useful resources as we go so you can dig into the subjects we discuss in more depth. We hope to hear from you!

LISTEN IN HERE – http://ksco.com/shows/39597-flight-1080
Call in to 831-479-1080
Dwell on Truth – Brenten’s Podcast

This Week’s Resources:

Hear the Gospel!
The Good Person Test – Video from Ray Comfort/Living Waters

The Gospel in 4 Minutes – Preaching Video (Dan Beaudoin and Don Harman

A Christian Perspective on Covid 19
Pandemic – Movie from Ray Comfort/Living Waters

For Christians:
The Coronavirus Catastrophe Tract (to buy, or download and print at home) – Creation.com

Coronavirus Tract – Living Waters (Currently out of stock.  Check back)

General Resources:

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