So what is Project Ezra about? The idea is simple. We suggest a passage of scripture, along with some ideas on how you can use that passage to transition into the message of the gospel. You can choose to use that passage, or pick your own. Then you invite your friends and church family to join you, while others around the country (and often other countries) do the same. Then you pick a spot in a public area with good foot traffic, climb up onto a bench, box, ladder or stool, and read the passage aloud. If there are several in your group, you can split the passage up and each read a section. If you have people on your team with experience in sharing the gospel, they can do so, either one-on-one with those who stop to listen, or aloud from the box. And most of all, pray that God’s Spirit will fill you and empower you as you share, and that He will convict and change the hearts of those listening.

Mission Good Friday, 2009, was the first Project Ezra event. Evangelist Tony Miano ( invited others to join him in reading Matthew 26 through 28 on Good Friday. He posted the idea as an event on Facebook, and hundreds of people responded, going to the streets to share the good news of the death and resurrection of Christ. Several other events followed, and then, for a number of years, Project Ezra was a weekly event, with a different suggested passage each week, along with ideas for using the passage to springboard into a Gospel presentation. After a while interest waned, so the project ended up at the back of the ministry shelf, until recently.

A lot has changed since then, and now, God willing, we will be posting weekly again. Some will be re-posts of past outlines, some will be new outlines as God brings conviction on specific passages, and I hope to post special outlines, as we did previously, connected with public holidays or times of year that are particularly conducive to
sharing the Gospel. I may even ask regular participants to contribute from time to time. I hope you will consider joining us, either in prayer or by stepping up onto the box yourself. And please share this with those who you think might be encouraged.  Thanks!