Sharing the Gospel with the LGBT Community

As I mentioned in a previous post (Recent Social Firestorms), the
issue of gay marriage, and other issues surrounding the LGBT community,
have become front and center in our culture, particularly during the
last few years (if not the last few months). Being able to deal with the
issues is important, but being able to deal with those who are part of
that community is even more important.  When we talk about the
theological truths surrounding marriage and sexual identity, we must be
clear on the Biblical truths, but must also remember that we are
communicating these truths with real people, many who have real
struggles with their own desires, and what the Bible really says.

Because, as a street missionary, I deal with these issues on a
day-to-day, face-to-face basis, I’ve tried to dig into the issues more,
so I’m able to communicate with those in LGBT lifestyles more
effectively.  Though I’m certainly no expert, I have found the
resources below extremely helpful.  They were brought to mind after
my outreach Friday, when I had several very good and profitable
conversations with lesbians, bi-sexuals, and one transgender man.
These resources helped me, and I hope they will help you.


This movie, by Ray Comfort and Living Waters,
is excellent.  The principles for communicating Biblical truths
regarding homosexuality work.  I know, I’ve used them.  It’s
also well done and entertaining.  Take the time to watch!

Is God Anti-Gay?
by Sam Allberry is an excellent book, written by a pastor who deals
with same-sex attraction himself.  He does not call himself gay,
because he does not choose that lifestyle (he has chosen to live
celibate).  He believes we should not try to find our identity in
our our sexuality, but in Christ.  Both the relational and
theological issues are handled very well.  It is a good, quick
read, but packs much import truth into those few pages.  Highly

The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert
by Rosaria Butterfield is another excellent book.  Butterfield was
a tenured professor of women’s studies at liberal university, living in
a committed lesbian relationship when, as part of a writing project,
she started to explore the Bible.  Through that exploration, and
through a friendship with a local pastor and his wife, she came to
Christ.  I think this book is particularly valuable because it
reminds us that salvation is not always an easy, pleasant process,
particularly for those who’s lifestyle is diametrically opposed to
Biblical truth.  Butterfield once again deals very well with both
the theological and relational aspects of the difficult work God did in
her life.  She is now a very well known speaker on this subject (as
well as being a home-school mom and pastor’s wife!)

I pray these are an encouragement to you.  Please consider
sharing this on social media.  There are many believers that still
really struggle with this.


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