What if life is good
and everything has gone your way
What if life has been a struggle
living day to day
What if good or bad, our lives are short,
and we don’t get a second try
What if life is short and then we die,
what then?

What if life is more than what happens
between birth and death
What if you’re closer to eternity
with every breath
And if eternity’s your destiny,
how much is your soul worth?
What if this were your last hour on earth,
what then?

What if there is a God
who cares about what we believe
Who’s more powerful and holy
than we can conceive
What if it’s true that he is loving,
but he’s a just judge as well
What if there is a heaven….and a hell
What then?

What if God’s moral law,
which we all know, was carved in stone
To teach us,
so our depth of sin is shown.
What if evil, selfish, Godless thoughts
still dominate our minds
And if in our hearts, that’s what we find,
What then?

What if thieves and liars
will have their part in the lake of fire
And men commit adultery
who look with sexual desire
What if anger at our brother
is seen as murder in God’s sight
If all our evil thoughts were brought to light,
what then?

What if our conscience is a mirror
that shows us where we fall
And a look at God’s commandments
shows we broke them all
What if your heart is your enemy,
and you sin no matter how you try
And every day you’re watching yourself die, 
what then?

If there is a hell,
we all deserve to end up there
And we can’t bribe God with empty works
and repetitious prayer
Our sins of thought, or word, or deed,
of commission or neglect
Means that hell’s all that we should expect
But then……

What if the judge stepped in
and paid the price that we never could
And signed the check to pay it
in his own life’s blood
When he said said “Justice must be satisfied,
so I’ll die to take their place.”
What if God put on a human face,
what then?

What if that’s the reason Jesus Christ
was born, and walked the earth
To pay our sin debt with a payment
infinite in worth
What if only he can save,
because only he paid the price
On the cross, through his blood sacrifice,
what then?

Then you must repent, and turn to Christ,
put your whole trust in him.
For only he can pay your fine,
and cleanse your soul from sin.
Don’t say you can’t decide right now,
cause if not now, then when?
What if you died before you did
What then?

Every day 150,000 people walk out of time, and into eternity,
to stand before the God who made them

Today might be your day.
None of us is promised a tomorrow. 

Repent, and trust in Christ, while He’s given you time.

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