Partner With Us

I am a missionary with Open Air Campaigners USA, called to share the Gospel the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California.  Your donations allow me to focus on ministry, and are a great blessing.  To help, do one of the following:

Go to and click the GIVING tab.  Click the link that says United States, and select Beaudoin in the FUND drop-down menu.

Go to  Click MAKE A DONATION, then click USA, then INITIATE A DONATION.  Then click the link that says United States, then select Beaudoin in the FUND drop-down menu.

Contributions to Open Air Campaigners are tax deductible, and Open Air Campaigners is ECFA Accredited.

You can also support us other ways:

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Amazon Ministry Give Away List
If you want to be more specific in what you donate, here is another option. The are items needed/wanted for the ministry, or items we give away on the streets.


Tract Planet Gift Card
I buy most of my tracts and banners from Tract Planet.  They also do custom printing, and I’ve got some custom tracts in the works.  A gift certificate will help get the Gospel out!

Tract Gift Card

Walmart Gift Card
We do most of our day to day shopping here.  A gift card to help with daily necessities is always a blessing!


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