OAC Bay Area – August 16th Update

Hello all!  I’m going to be trying to get one of these short updates done every week, preferably on Monday.  I missed the deadline this week, but last week’s outreaches were great, and I had a couple pleasant surprises.

Wednesday we were in downtown San Jose.  Foot traffic was a little slow, but a fair number of tracts went out, and we had a few conversations.  We were contacted by San Jose University Police, who stated we were on University property (we were on what I believe was a public sidewalk) and told that we could not use amplification without a permit.  We’ve been preaching in this same spot for years, and never had a problem, so it will be interesting to see what happens when I contact the city about the University property lines.  Either way, I can preach with my natural voice if needed (God made me loud), and the Gospel will still go out.  Pray for further ministry there, and for us as school starts and go back on campus.

Thursday, I had an opportunity sneak up on me.  Once a month we have a local neighborhood association that meets at our church, and a group of us watch the kids.  I forgot about it until the last minute, but I put together a basic sketch on the nature of God, and prayed God would use it.  Five minutes after the scheduled start time we had only one kid, so we didn’t think we could do the lesson.  Then we had seven more come in all at once!  What’s more, a couple of the more disruptive kids we’ve had in the past didn’t come, and EVERY KID attended the lesson and actively participated.  I think we were also able to make some good connections with the kids who were there, and I’m looking forward to working up the lesson for next month.  Praise God!

Friday, we had outreach in downtown Redwood City, where they have Friday night concerts in Courthouse square, and there are always a lot of people.  When I was heading there I also got a call from a brother in Christ I me recently who invited me to downtown Napa for some late-night evangelism.  So I finished at Redwood City and then headed to Napa.  It made for a late night, and I’d never been there before, but the outreach was very good, with excellent sketch board presentations and many conversations.  Another blessing!

We wrapped our week up with evangelism in downtown Campbell and had a pretty good day.  I had to end a bit early, but it was due to picking up my daughter Naomi, who was returning from a mission trip to Mexico.  Then she flew out to join her sister and mom in North Dakota, where there are visiting family and attending a memorial service.  Please pray for them, and for my sanity as I spend the rest of the week as a bachelor.

Please continue to pray for Dave, the man I mentioned last week, who I’m working with to deal with his drunkenness and get into a recovery program.  This week’s outreaches started out well, and I’ll be in Mountain View tomorrow and Santa Cruz on Saturday.  Please pray God uses those times, for safe travels for my family, and that God will continue to bless us and allow us to focus more time on outreach.

The next few weeks of outreaches are listed below, along with a few pictures.  I’ll also be working on my What Abouts (common questions about Christianity) page, so take a look at it if you have a chance,and let me know if there are any questions you think should be added.

All for His glory,

Dan B.

Creekside Farmers Market Outreach (with Creekside Community Church)
– Friday, August 17th, 10AM to 12PM

Mountain View Outreach – Friday, August 17th, 6PM to 9PM

Santa Cruz Waterfront Outreach – Saturday, August 18th, 11AM to 3PM


San Francisco Waterfront Outreach – Tuesday, August 21st, 11AM to 2:30PM

San Jose Downtown OutreachWednesday, August 22nd, 11AM to 2PM

Creekside Farmers Market Outreach (with Creekside Community Church) – Friday, August 24th, 10AM to 12PM

Palo Alto Outreach – Friday, August 24th, 6PM to 9PM


San Jose State Outreach – Wednesday, August 29th, 11AM to 2PM

Midweek Outreach (details TBD) – Thursday, August 30th, Time TBD

Creekside Farmers Market Outreach (with Creekside Community Church) – Friday, August 31st, 10AM to 12PM

Santa Cruz Downtown OutreachSaturday, September 1st, 6PM to 9PM

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