OAC Bay Area – Summer 2019 Ministry Update

Hello all! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve sent out an update (several months), so thanks for sticking with me. The last few months have been very busy, and I have a few encouraging opportunities to share. God has also provided a huge opportunity to earn extra income on the side at a local concert venue. It’s involved a lot of hours and late nights, but also a chance to catch up on bills,  which is a huge blessing. Praise God! We are thanking Him, and praying that soon such side jobs will not be necessary, as He continues to bring new supporters.

One exciting new opportunity has been on local radio. One of my favorite places to share the Gospel has been Santa Cruz, either at the beach or in their downtown area on Pacific Ave. It is challenging (Santa Cruz is very much a counter-culture community), but I love connecting with folks there. Recently my friend Brenton Powers has invited me to join him on KSCO AM 1080 radio’s daily drive show, Flight 1080. He has been a guest on the show quite a few times, and so far I’ve been on with him twice. KSCO is NOT a Christian station, but a local news and talk station. The hosts on Flight 1080 are also not believers, but are fair and polite, and between them and the calls we receive we’ve had some great conversations.0 We’ll be on again on the 23rd (today), so please pray for us. Brenton also recently started his own show/podcast, and I’ll be interviewing with him the same day. I’ll share links when I can. A link to our first show together is below.

God gave me the opportunity to preach on the Gospel at my own home church, the Home Church in Campbell, this last Sunday, the 21st.  I believe it went very well, and many people seemed to be impacted.  I will also be teaching a five week evangelism class on Sunday mornings before service, starting next Sunday.  Finally, following that class, Home Church will having an outreach booth at our local Oktoberfest the third weekend in October.  I’m really excited about the possibilities of both of these.  Please pray that God works powerfully, and many people are impacted by the Gospel, and that many believers are challenged to share it with those who don’t know Him.
The rest of the summer looks like it will continue to be busy, with many outreaches, festivals, conferences, a VBS in a couple of weeks, and a ton of other stuff.  Please pray God continues to give me strength to get through this busy time.  We are also hoping for a long weekend in August where we can just relax.  Pray God provides that

I’ve posted some upcoming outreaches below.  I’ve also posted some recent pictures, a couple videos from outreaches, of my sermon, and the audio from my first radio show. I hope to have the audio from my new one up by the middle of next week. 

Thanks, and God bless!
Dan B.

Upcoming Outreaches:

1080 Radio Show in Santa Cruz – Tuesday, July 23rd, 1PM to 7PM

San Jose Downtown Outreach – Wednesday, July 24th, 11AM to 2PM

Mountain View Outreach – Friday, July 26th, 6PM to 9PM

Morning Outreach (Details TBD) – Saturday, July 27th, 8AM to 12PMH

Berkeley Downtown Outreach – Wednesday, July 31st, 11AM to 2PM

Sermon at Home Church on the Gospelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihiWi4XoNuc

Preaching in downtown Santa Cruzhttps://www.facebook.com/brentenpowers/videos/10157289293354650/

First time on Flight 1080http://zbsradio.com/play-episode/id/13541/play-time/0?fbclid=IwAR1qScTqFn8gE-rZTFC6W7b1NnaZsenp05n2tBc6S654KvC5Hi1jamgHjdc

Preaching at UC Berkeleyhttps://www.facebook.com/alex.stewart.718689/videos/10212761342018790/

A great conversation with a couple of UC Berkeley studentshttps://youtu.be/Guc5-JaoNYU

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