OAC Bay Area – September Update 2020

Hello all!  Thanks for following our ministry.  I’ve shared a couple of stories that I hope will be encouraging.  If there is any other I we can encourage you, please let me know.  I’d be happy to chat on the phone or via email, visit your church or small group, or have you join us on the street to learn how to share the Gospel yourself.  Hope to hear from you!

Sharing the Gospel with two lesbian girls in Monterey

Interesting Encounters – I talk to so many interesting people that it’s hard to narrow down specific prayer requests.  But I think these three qualify.  Please lift them up.

Peter, the Priest – Peter responded to my Does Truth Exist sketch when I was in downtown Campbell.  He looked like a normal young man out for a relaxing evening of dinner and drinks with friends, but short conversation reveled a deeper knowledge and more thoughtful handling of spiritual truth than usual, which was refreshing.  It turned out he is a Catholic priest who was visiting since he would be preaching in the area.  We had a great conversation but stuck on the issue of the source of Biblical authority.  We exchanged cards, and plan to get together to talk soon.  Pray that happens!

Julie the Drunk – Not a nice description, to be sure, but the most accurate I could think of.  I met Julie on the same night as Peter, in downtown Campbell.  She was quick to encourage me and wanted to talk about all the ministry she had been involved in, and even some people she knew from my church.  Sadly, she was also very drunk, and using foul language. I tried to listen politely and encourage her with Biblical truth, but eventually had to call her to repentance for her sinful behavior.  At that point she got very angry and cursed me out before leaving.  Please pray that God draws her to repentance.

Young Lesbian Ladies – While preaching on the Monterey waterfront I spotted two young women on the far side of the path wearing rainbow flags as capes.  They clearly saw me, as they were looking my direction and flourishing the flags.  I called out to them, as I often do to mockers, challenging them as politely as I could to come back and stand for their convictions.  They left, but then 15 minutes later they were back.  We have a very intense and animated conversation, which drew quite a crowd.  They did not leave convinced (not surprisingly), but I think I shared the truth clearly, and though they complained of mistreatment by professing Christians, when I asked about my behavior they said I had not mistreated them, which was encouraging, since I had not compromised when talking about the sinfulness of their behavior.  Also, the interaction led to several other good conversations, and was caught on video by Brenton.  I’ll try to post footage soon.  Please pray for these lost young women.

Beach Outreach – Due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, many of the places we normally do outreach have been closed down, or have been much slower.  Fortunately, the beach and waterfront areas have not, so Brenten have been doing a number of outreaches there.   And those outreaches have been great!  We’ve spent time in Monterey, Carmel, and we’ll be back to Santa Cruz this weekend.  I’m looking forward to it and praying for continued good weather so we can keep up our beach outreaches. Please pray with us.

Brenten Preaching in Monterey

Kids Ministry and Sunday School – The regular kids Bible club I teach for during the school year hasn’t been happening because of the continued school shutdowns, but God is still opening doors.  I’ve started doing Sunday school at my church, which is holding outdoor services.   I’m also looking at long-term plans for an online Bible club, and also an in-person club. Both are waiting for details to work out, so please be in prayer.    

Outdoor Sunday School

Outreach Schedule – Our most recent schedule is linked below.  Let me know if you plan to join us, as changes do happen on occasion.

Please Consider Partnering with Us! – We’d love to meet with you, your small group, or your church to explain more about what we at Open Air Campaigners do.  You can reach me by phone, or by email at dan@yoursoulmatters.org if you’re interested. If not, or if you already support us, please pray for our fundraising efforts, since we still need to reach full support.  Thanks!

All for His glory,

Dan B.

Talking about our ministry in Carmel. Would you be willing to host a meeting?

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