Superbowl Weekend and Outreach Updates

Wow, last week was an amazing time!  The Superbowl provided
many outreach opportunities, and some part time work opportunities as
well.  I ended up doing five Superbowl-related outreach, and by
God’s grace was able to work suit-and-tie security for a private event
in San Francisco for three days.  It was cool, and a bit odd, doing
outreach and tent-making so close together.  It was also cool to
see so many other street evangelists out sharing the Gospel.  There
were some bad ones too (several of us went nose-to-nose with the
heretical hatemongers from Westboro Baptist Church), and many other
special interest groups looking to use the Superbowl as an opportunity
to share their political pet project, but even those groups gave us a
chance to share the truth. While we were talking to them, others came to
watch the exchange and stayed to hear the true Gospel
message.   There were also many other opportunities, and it
was a blessing to have two of my pastors join us on Sunday too.
I’ve included a couple pictures of some of our outreaches.  Please
pray for those who heard the Gospel and received tracts.  I’ve also
included a link to our outreach schedule.  We have a number of
good outreaches coming up this month and next.  I’ll also be
sending out our newsletter in the next few days.  If you would like
to follow our ministry,  or would consider supporting us, you can
email me or check out the link below.  Thanks! Hope to hear from
many of you soon.

Dan Beaudoin

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