Weekly Outreach Update 4/11 to 4/17/16

Thursday – Market and Powell in San Francisco

Due to some personal business I ended up in San Francisco rather than
Oakland on Thursday, and it ended up being a good time of outreach. Don
Harmon, a long-time partner in street ministry, and a very good street
preacher, was there as well.  It had been a while since we had
shared the box, and the fellowship was a blessing.  Sadly, one of
our regular hecklers, Lawrence, showed up and did all he could to cause
havoc.  He is very profane, and very aggressive, but he does help
draw crowds, so more people heard the Gospel.  Please pray for
him.  He is as lost and as hateful toward God as anyone I’ve ever
met.  Also, please pray for Zofar, who received a Bible and who I
was able to pray for.


Friday – Downtown San Jose

I don’t often take the sketch board to downtown San Jose.  There
are enough people for tracting and one-on-ones, but generally there is
not enough concentrated foot traffic to make the board work.  This
time I took the mini-sketchboard, which I have been trying out, and it
worked pretty well. I did a couple presentations, and James Bynum, who
joined me, also preached open-air a couple of times. Please pray for all
those who heard, including Calvin, Diego, Anthony and Charles.
Pray particularly for Stacy, a Jehovah’s Witness who stayed for quite a
while, which is unusual (most JWs disengage when the questions get
tough).  He tried to drop a few verses, then walk away claiming
victory, but I was able to coax him back quite a few times and share
some key verses.  Also, pray for Luke, Paul and Carlos.  They
are all in their late teens and are living on the street.  James
and I had a great time talking to them, and were able to buy them dinner
as well.  I talked to them about seeking out a local ministry that
could help get them off the streets.  Pray that happens.


Saturday – Walnut Creek

It had been a couple years since I went to Walnut Creek for outreach,
so I decided to check it out and consider putting it into my regular
outreach rotation.  It was a very good night, and it was a pleasure
to be joined by Bryan Harris, another long time ministry partner.
I brought the mini-sketchboard again, and it worked very well!
Out first presentation in particular was great, and we had several dozen
people rotate through the crowd for that sketch alone.  We had a
group of young folks from a local Oneness Pentecostal college come by,
and we ended up talking for almost an hour about the Trinity, whether
baptism in necessary for salvation, and a number of other topics.
It was a very positive conversation, and all took business cards.
I’ll be posting some resources in the next day or two on those and some
other issues.  Please pray for them.


Sunday – Courtyard Care Nursing Home 

I have been considering trying to set up Bible studies in some local
nursing homes, and I had the privilege of joining Dave and Janette
Monteil on Sunday at Courtyard Care.  Their team visits various
homes around the area, and I asked if I could assist them and learn more
about their ministry.  It was a very good time of ministry.
We met in the social hall, where a number of residents had gathered, and
sang several worship tunes. Then I was able to share briefly from
Ephesians 2:1-10 and explain both the bad news of our original sin, and
the good news of God’s love demonstrated in the cross of Christ.
We then walked the halls and visited with those residents willing and
able to talk.  It was truly a blessing.  Please pray for
Anna and Claire (both Catholics) and for Clancy and Tom.  All
took tracts, and we hope to get Bibles for several of them.

Thanks for following this ministry and, as always, please consider
supporting us prayerfully, financially, and through joining us on the

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