Quick Ministry Update – 3/21/16

Hello all! Thanks again for your interest in Open Air Campaigners
Bay Area. Life has been too busy for a full newsletter, but there has
been a lot going on, so I wanted to send a short update (along with a
few pictures) so you can see what’s happening. I hope this is an
encouragement and a blessing.

Outreach Schedule
– Our updated outreach schedule is available at the link below. I have
not finished entering all the Facebook Events yet (don’t want to bombard
Facebook group members with too many event invites), but if you are
interested in joining me for any of them, you can let me know by email,
text message, etc. Please remember to pray when we are out sharing the
Gospel if at all possible. No work ministry work will succeed without
the work of the Holy Spirit, so your prayer is very necessary.


Blessings – God
continues to bless us and provide for our needs, and we are very
grateful. We finally have health insurance after going without for quite
a while, which is a huge blessing. We also were able to buy a used car
as a replacement for my car, which was on its last legs, and could not
pass smog. Finally, a trunk big enough to fit my sketch board! One of
our regular donors gave us a years-worth of support all at once so we
had the money for the down-payment. All we have to worry about is the
monthly payments, and since we bought from a family member, there will
be no interest.

Kids Clubs – I
am still very much hoping to start some local after school clubs in the
area around our church. Our church has a very good reputation in the
community, and many connections, so I’m pray that will continue to open
opportunities, and particularly at a local elementary school. In the
meantime I’ve been visiting other kids clubs and trying to learn what I
can from them. Along those lines, if you are local and would like some
help with vacation Bible schools at your church this summer, our
ministry has a number of teaching series using the sketch board that
might fit in nicely. If you are interested in more information, please
let me know.

Local Ministry
Local ministry continues, and has been very good. I have been out on
the street three days a week, but only able to use the sketch board for
two, since I have had to take my older daughter to youth group and pick
her up, which didn’t allow adequate time for set-up. Now, she has her
driver’s license, and can take herself. Because of that I’ve been
scouting other evening outreach areas, and will be taking the sketch
board to Redwood City for the first time this Friday. Other new
locations are in the works as well.

Prayer Requests Additional
volunteers on the streets. I occasionally still have to go out alone.
Many have expressed interest in helping, but have not. We need more

  • Additional volunteers on the streets. I occasionally still have to
    go out alone. Many have expressed interest in helping, but have not. We
    need more laborers.
  • Children’s Ministry opportunities, of course. I am also hoping God
    will open up ministry opportunities in local rescue missions and
    retirement homes.
  • More opportunities for follow-up and discipleship – We have had many
    good conversations, and it is rare to have an afternoon or evening of
    outreach where I don’t pass on an email address or business card. But
    there are many who desperately need the Gospel who never reach out
    again. Please pray that we can have more follow-up conversations to
    encourage folks to turn to Christ and to get into good, Biblical
  • Church changes – There have been a lot of changes going on at our
    church. None have been bad, in fact some I believe have been very
    positive. But any level of change is frightening to some people, and our
    pastors and elders need wisdom to not only make good decisions, but to
    communicate them well. Also, we are really trying to encourage the
    congregation to be intentional in sharing their faith, and that is
    always a challenge. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to be at
  • Continued increases in support to allow more ministry time and cover
    increased expenses (car, insurance). You can support us here: http://yoursoulmatters.org/blog/donate

Thanks so much for you continued interest, prayer, and support. If
you want to find out more about what we are doing, I’d love to chat with
you. Feel free to contact me by email, Facebook message, or phone, and
if you’re local, let’s have coffee or dinner some time. God bless!

All for His glory,
Dan B.

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