Ministry Update 8/15 to 8/27, Outreach Schedule and Norcal Fire!

It seems like time goes more quickly every week! Yes, updates have been less frequent, but ministry continues. Not only have we had some great chances to share the Gospel, but our local evangelism conference, Norcal Fire, is just days away! It’s free, and we have some great speakers co’ming, so I hope you will consider attending. For more information, click the link below.  I hope this update will be an encouragement and a blessing!


8/17 – Downtown San Jose Outreach – This week, since San Jose State University was not back in session, we headed out to preach near the main branch library, which is right at the edge of the campus.  Tim, Gino, Alfonso and I had some good conversations.  Tim and I also read scripture aloud, and I shared several presentations with the small sketch board.  We spoke with Robert, a homeless man who appeared to be a believer, and with Marissa.  Marissa listened to me preach for quite a while, and spent some time talking, but seemed to be a bit mentally scattered.  Pray God continues to work on her.

8/17 – Coffee and Questions at Home Church – Patrick came to Coffee and Questions again this month, and he, Tim, Pastor Randy and I had another good night of discussion.  We’re trying to get him grounded in the basics of the faith, and he is very hungry to learn.  Pray God continues to work on him.

8/18 – Speaking at Monterey Presidio Army Base – This was my second time speaking on the base.  I spoke with a group of Christian civilian employees, who have a luncheon once a month. I shared with the sketch board, and gave some general evangelism tips.  Thanks to Al Stegall who invited me.

8/19 – Speaking at Silicon Valley Presbyterian Church – I was invited to speak to the youth group about evangelism.  Some of the kids, and a couple leaders in particular, seemed really encouraged.  I did go a bit long, and I’ll have to trim some extra materials in the future, but I still think it went well.  It’s always a privilege to preach on evangelism, particularly to youth!

Another item of note, and prayer request.  This week (20th through the 27th) we were planning to go on a family vacation, but one of our cars was totaled in an accident.  By God’s grace, no one was hurt, and our insurance company gave us a very fair deal for the car.  But it still meant a lost vacation, and that’s been tough.  Prayer is appreciated.

8/26 – Palo Alto Outreach – Palo Alto can be a tough spot sometimes.  The crowds are very affluent and don’t always want to take tracts.  But this week was pretty good.  Lots of tracts went out, and James and I each gave two presentations.  We had some really good one-on-one talks.  Will, a young professing atheist, listened for quite a while, very politely, and took a card.  He seemed open.  Edgar, who we talked to next, was VERY open, and we had a fantastic time sharing with him, encouraging him to trust Christ.  He seemed to be really strongly impacted, saying was had not known why he decided to come to University Ave, but he knew after our talk.  It’s always a great blessing when the other person recognizes the divine appointment too!

8/27 – Santa Cruz Beach Outreach – Saturday at Santa Cruz was a good day, and very busy.  Tim and I were joined by Tom, who lives in the area and used to minister with the OAC team in LA.  We had good talks with Corey, and with Jr., Gloria and their kids.  But please pray particularly for Jennifer.  She listened to the preaching for a long time, and took some literature.  She also came up and asked if we could help her pray to receive Christ!  However, she was also clearly very disturbed.  She said her “roommate” (probably her caretaker) had recently died, and she was worried about being kicked out onto the street.  She was also very dirty, and clearly needed someone to care for her.  We tried to help, and I gave her a card, telling her to call if she was in need, but she was not willing to share her address so we could check on her, and was hesitant about social services.  Please pray for her.  Her care is in God’s hands at this point.


Upcoming Outreaches
Norcal Fire Evangelism Conference – Friday, September 9th, evening, and Saturday, September 10th, All day – Our yearly evangelism conference.  It’s free, so don’t miss it!

Norcal Fire/Palo Alto Outreach September 10th, 6:30PM to 9:30PM – Even if you can’t make the conference, we love to have you join us for outreach.  We’ll be meeting on University Ave., near Pizza My Heart.

San Jose State OutreachWednesday, September 14th, 11AM to 2PM

Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18, 2016, Saturday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sunday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm



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