Weekly Update 7/25 to 8/14/16 & This Week’s Ministry Schedule

Sorry for the delayed outreach update.  The last couple weeks have been very busy.  I pray this update is an encouragement. Please read and share!

Wednesday 7/27 – Downtown Oakland – Tim and I spent the afternoon in Oakland, and it was a very good time of ministry.  Pray in particular for Jason.  Jason is a veteran of Iraq and Afganistan who is struggling to find a job and feed his daughter.  We talked for quite a while about the Gospel, and we were able to pray with him.  I’ve talked to him on the phone a couple times since then, and passed on some job leads that I hope will help him.  Please pray for him.  Also, please pray for Dee and Grandma Yoyo.

Friday 7/29 – Palo Alto – We were not able to set up in our normal spot due to several street musicians camped out in the area, but still had a very good time sharing the Gospel.  James and I each gave one presentation, and then we spent the rest of the evening in conversations.  We have a couple of Muslim women come up during one of my sketches, and then talked for a long time.  While they were talking to us, two men (not connected with the women, but also Muslim) came up, and we ended up having two conversations going at once.  The women, and one in particular, were very Westernized and rejected much of what the Bible and Quran had to say, especially in regards to their exclusivity.  When they left one was willing to take a tract, which is always an encouragement.  Pray God continues working in both of them.  I finished talking to them and then joined James in talking to the two men.  They were very similar in their liberal views of Islam, though they seemed more orthodox than the women.  It was a good talk, and James passed along his business card.  I hope we have a chance to get together with them.

Saturday 7/30 – Santa Cruz  – This was another very busy night for conversations, and after a couple presentations Tim and I were very busy.  We were also joined by Tom, who we had met a month or so ago near the beach.  He is a believer who had shared the Gospel along with other OAC members in LA decades ago.  He was very articulate and knew the word well, so it was great to have him there.  Please pray for Ramanath, Santos, and Daniel Thomas, as well as the many others who heard.  It was also a huge blessing to have a couple groups of Christians come by, who were very encouraging.

Friday 8/5 – Campbell First Fridays This was a tracting-only event, so no presentation.  James and I had a great time of fellowship while passing out tracts, and also had some good conversations (though silly me, I forgot to write down the names).  Please pray for all those who heard and received tracts.  Tracts are often hard to pass out in affluent neighborhoods like Campbell, but it went pretty well that night.

July 8th through 12th – Home Church VBS – There was only one outreach last week due to spending as much time as possible preparing for Vacation Bible School.  I’ve worked with kids before, and I’ve certainly shared the Gospel plenty of times, but preparing to teach a room full of kids about the most important subject in the world is daunting to say the least.  But by God’s grace, it went well.  We had a smaller group of kids than hoped, but they enjoyed the time, and I believe they learned a lot.  I certainly did!  Comments were very positive, and we had a family lunch at the end of the week where we invited the parents and were able to share the Gospel with them too.  Thanks to all who helped make this possible!  I’m looking forward to next year.


This Week’s Outreaches

Downtown San Jose Outreach – August 17th, 11AM to 3PM

Coffee and Questions @ Homechurch – August 17th, 6:30PM to 8:30PM

Speaking at Christian meeting on the Monterey Presidio – Thursday, August 18, time TBD (possible outreach to follow)

Speaking at Silicon Valley Presbyterian Church (Korean) – August 19th, evening

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  1. Thanks for your faithful sharing of the Word, Dan! It encourages me each time I hear about the work you are doing and the brothers who are doing it with you. Paige

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