Ministry Outreach Report – 2/8 to 2/18/17

Hello all!  Our latest outreach update is below. I hope its an encouragement. Thanks

2/8 – San Jose State Outreach – We had a good day at San Jose State, despite the rain. I had a chat with a young Catholic man named Charles that went very well. Then we had a very long talk with two young Sikh gentlemen named Gudan and Manpreet (hope I spelled those right). When I start my presentations I always invite people to talk, saying we are looking for dialogue, not monologue. They took me at my word, and stopped right away! I didn’t get to finish my presentation, but it was well worth it. It was a great talk, and I’m hoping we’ll be able to get together. I also clearly need to learn more about the Sikh faith, since there are many who live in our area.

2/10 – Mountain View Outreach – I set up a bit differently this time, putting my table in the middle of a walkway rather than up against a building, and it seemed to work much better. Before I even finished setting up I was in a conversation with Haley and Carlos, a young couple who asked a couple of pointed questions and then listened very carefully to the answers. They both took tracts, and I believe they were impacted by what they heard. My friend Joel the non-theist (he doesn’t care for the term atheist) stopped by to talk too. It was his second time, and we talked for a couple hours. We are continuing to correspond by email. Please pray for him. I was also joined by two young man from Grace Bible Fellowship Silicon Valley, who did an excellent job handing out tracts and getting involved in their own conversations.

2/11 – Campbell Second Saturdays – It was a bit slow for this event, but Judy and I still got a lot of tracts out. We also had a very good conversation with a young man named Stephan. He was hesitant to stop, but did so anyway. He had a lot of strong opinions that, sadly, were primarily based on very bad information. Very few things frustrate me as much as false teachers pouring lies into young minds! But it was a very good talk, and he went away with a pamphlet on how we got the Bible, and a booklet on the Creation. My new tract project is bearing fruit!

2/15 – Downtown Berkeley Outreach – We had another good day of outreach in downtown Berkeley. As usual we were joined by Dave from SOS Ministries. We also had Mike and his son (Moses, I think) join us for the first time. They did a great job handing out tracts. Also, after Tim finished reading scripture, Mike took a turn, reading aloud for the first time! He did very well. Also, please pray for Sirgud, Dave and Cordura, who we spoke to.

2/17 – Downtown Campbell – Fellowship and A Divine Appointment – The weather was bad enough that our planned outing didn’t make sense, so James, Tim and I headed to a local coffee shop for some time of fellowship, and to see if we could start a conversation or two. We spend a lot of time on the streets together, but rarely get a chance to just sit down and enjoy each other’s company. Because of the weather, the coffee shop was also almost empty. But while we were getting our drinks, I noticed one of the few customers had a book on hypnotism and  a stack or Tarot cards next to him. I asked the young man, Farzine, how he gotten into them, and told him my friends and I were evangelists. And he recognized me! Apparently we had talked once at San Jose State when I was there preaching with the sketch board. I shared the verses from Deuteronomy that talk about the occult (thanks to James for reminding me of the address) and asked him to consider the danger of what he was doing. He said he would, and took my card. Pray we can talk again. It was a good reminder that God always has divine appointments waiting. 

2/18 – San Francisco Waterfront Outreach – I didn’t bring the table due to the possibility of high winds, but had a good time preaching and reading scripture aloud. We had a lot of drive-by hecklers, but no one willing to stop and engage. Near the end Jim and Riley, a father and son, came up to ask for prayer. We were also able to buy them some food and recommend a local men’s shelter. Please pray they get help and get off the street. Also, please pray for Evan and Laurie, two Jehovah’s Witnesses we talked to. They were willing to engage more than most, though Laurie seemed very uncomfortable and started averting her eyes when hit with challenging questions. As usual, they would not take literature, but I gave them my web address and encouraged them to watch a video on the Trinity. Pray that they do.

Thanks again for your interest and support!

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Dan B.

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  1. Thank you, Dan, for your faithful service. May God be honored thru your labors, may you be steadfast as your are filled with the Holy Spirit and may God’s purposes be furthered!
    In Him, Paige

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