Ministry Report – March 9th through March 27th

Hello all!

Our latest outreach update is below, along with upcoming outreaches.  Please take some time to read and share.

3/10 – Redwood City Outreach – This was a very good night of outreach! I was joined by James Bynum and several folks from his church, and some members of our team were so busy with conversations that I didn’t even get to see them!  Good problem to have.  I was also able to do six presentations, and had some really good follow-up conversations.  Please pray for Ethan, Emod, Johnathan and Yasir, and three young girls whose names I didn’t catch.

Some of our faithful local evangelists!

3/11 – Campbell Second Saturdays – For some times and places there is no predicting how a day will go, or how open people will be.  Generally it’s tough to hand out tracts in Campbell, but on this particular Saturday many people were willing to take them.  Judy came down to join me, and we had several good conversations.  I’m really praying we’ll get more folks out from our home church, which is just a few blocks away, so we can really have an impact on our community. Also, pray for Trevor, and for a Jewish lady and her family, who stopped to talk for a bit with Judy, but left when challenged with the Law of Moses.

Judy speaking with a Jewish family

3/14 – Planned Parenthood Outreach – I’ve felt burdened to add abortion clinic ministry to my regular schedule, so when I found out a couple brothers (Tim and Adam) were going to be out at the clinic on the Alameda, I decided to join them.  It’s heartbreaking work, not only to see the mothers entering to kill their children, but to watch the cold attitudes of the “escorts” waiting in the parking lot.  I find it difficult to understand how anyone could be involved in such an atrocity! But tough as it was, it’s clear that the ministry is needed, so I’ll be back.  It was also good to see folks from Real Options out.  They are an abortion alternatives group, and are only two doors down from PP (by design, of course).

Brothers Adam and Tim in front of Planned Parenthood in San Jose

3/15 – Christian Club at Sobrato High School and kids club scouting – I got a last-minute invitation to speak at this Christian Club (thanks John and Nancy!), and although it was short, it was really good!  The teacher who’s classroom we used not only helps with the Christian club, but allows other students to hang out in his classroom during lunch periods, so I ended up with a couple dozen kids listening to the message.  What a joy!  I pray I will be invited back, and will have opportunities for similar presentations at other middle and high schools.

Afterwards I took some time looking for kids club spots in nearby Gilroy.  I stopped by the local Salvation Army church, and the Captain was able to give me some good ideas of locations.  Please pray for future outreaches there.

3/17 – Mountain View Outreach– This was an interesting outreach, but a bit sad.  I was out solo, and it was Saint Patrick’s Day.  As I expected, the foot traffic was VERY heavy, as heavy as I’ve ever seen it there in fact.  But it was nearly impossible to hand out tracts!  People saw what I was sharing, and were more interested in a party.  Even so, I ended up having a very good conversation with Christopher, who grew up Catholic, but didn’t really know much about what the church teaches.  He was very grateful to learn more, and took some information on the Catholic Church along with a Gospel tract.

3/18 – San Francisco Waterfront Outreach– Alphonso and I had a good time at the San Francisco waterfront.  It’s hard to draw large crowds here, but there is no shortage of foot traffic.  Alphonso has been working on his open-air preaching, and did a great job reading scripture aloud.  We also had several good conversations.  It was good to talk to Raku, a nominal Hindu who is interested in Christianity, and who I’ve talked to before.  He had come to that spot wondering if we were there!  Also, please pray for Jose, a pedi-cab driver, and three Mormon ladies who took literature on Mormonism.

Alphonso also made a video of one of my presentations.  You can watch it HERE

3/20 – Stanford University Outreach – This was a very good day.  It was my third time on campus, and the first time I open-air preached.  I started with scripture reading this time.  I’ll likely try the small sketch board next time.  I was joined by several members of Grace On Campus, a Christian club sponsored by a local church, and several other members of the group stopped by to say hi as well.  I can’t tell you what a blessing that was!  I’ve been talking with leaders of the group about getting together to distribute copies of The Biggest Questions, a DVD tract, sometime soon, and perhaps even following that distribution with an open question and answer session for students. Not sure what will happen with those yet, but please pray that God makes His will clear in this.  I would really like to see Stanford impacted for the Gospel.  I also spent some time checking out the local transit center/train station in Palo Alto.  I was amazed at how busy it was!  When I arrived the train platform was packed, with likely a thousand or more people waiting for the train. I’ll definitely have to set up some outreaches here, once I figure out what is allowed.

3/22 – San Jose State Outreach – This was another good day at San Jose State.  It’s been hard to draw people to listen with the small sketch board, and they have not allowed the large one recently.  Please pray I am able to work this out with administration (they don’t allow large “displays” of any kind without permission, for safety reasons).  We had the chance to encourage several believers, which is always a good thing, and were able to talk to Mantala (a Hare Krishna) and Don, who seemed to be a Unitarian.  I’m particularly hoping to talk to Don again. I had handed him a tract, and he approached me after I had packed up and was leaving. He had some odd ideas, but seemed to be open to dialogue, and took some literature on the Trinity and the reliability of the Bible.  Please pray that we are able to meet up and chat more.

Tim has been doing a great job with his open-air scripture reading.

3/22 – Crossroads Youth Group – A friend mentioned me and my ministry to the youth pastor at Crossroads (thanks April!) as someone experienced in evangelism, and the next thing I know I was invited to speak to their youth group and encourage the kids, who were a bit nervous about an upcoming outing to Santa Cruz to hand out tracts.  I really enjoyed the time, and I think the kids enjoyed it too.  But it was a special treat for two reasons.  First, my older daughter Naomi joined me (she a bit of an introvert, so this is rare), and second, this is the church where I met my wife Becky, and where I came to Christ!  What an incredible privilege it was to come full circle. I’m looking forward to joining them on their Santa Cruz trip this Saturday.

We also covet your prayers!  We need prayer for:

  • Please pray for additional support.  It has increased a bit, but is moving quite slowly.  All our needs are met, but I’m still praying for less secular work and more ministry time.
  • Praise God for improved health!  Our family went for over a month where we were all fighting sickness, and we’re finally feeling better and back to exercising.  God is good!
  • Pray for church  and Christian Club partnerships.  I’ve had a couple great opportunities, and a couple more are coming up.  Will these kind of partnerships, I should have many more ministry opportunities.
  • I’ve got plans in place for several kids club planting trips.  This continues to be an area of struggle, and I really want to get a couple regular kids clubs rolling.  With summer approaching, this should be the perfect time. Pray God opens the right doors with local churches, and gives me wisdom in picking locations and raising volunteer teams.


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Dan B.


Palo Alto Outreach– Friday, March 31st, 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Santa Cruz Downtown Outreach – Saturday, April 1st, 10AM to 2PM


Stanford University OutreachWednesday, April 5th, 11AM to 2PM

Monterey/Presidio Outreach Event – Friday, April 7th, 1PM to 9PM

Kids Club Planting Trip Saturday, April 8th, 10AM to 2PM

Berkeley Outreach Wednesday, April 12th, 11AM to 2PM

Redwood City Outreach  – Friday, April 14th, 6PM to 9PM

San Francisco Waterfront Outreach – Saturday, April 15th, 11AM to 3PM

San Jose State OutreachWednesday, April 19th, 11AM to 2PM

Teaching at Home Church Youth Group – Friday, April 21st, 6PM to 9PM

San Jose Comic ConSaturday, April 22nd, 1PM to 5PM

Monterey Outreach (Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival) Sunday, April 23nd, 1PM to 4PM

San Francisco Outreach Wednesday, April 26th, 11AM to 2PM

Palo Alto Outreach – Friday, April 28th, 6:30PM to 9:30PM

Kids Club Planting Trip – Saturday, April 29th, 6PM to 9PM

Pleasanton Street Party Outreach –Wednesday, May 3rd, 6PM to 9PM


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