Ministry Report May 26, 2017

May 26th Ministry Update – Thanks all for your interest in our ministry.  We have some updates and prayer requests below, as well as a link to our updated outreach schedule.  I hope you’ll take the time to read and share this.  Thanks!

Outreaches – There is far too much going on to mention everything, so here are a couple of highlights.

  • Presidio of Monterey – The Presidio is a military base that houses the Defense Language Institute, which is a Department of Defense training and research center.  I was invited by a friend who works on the base to speak at Areopagus, a new military outreach that he is spearheading along with one of the Army chaplains.  This was the second meeting, and I was the first speaker.  Soldier turnout was low, but there were many local volunteers and pastors there as well, and we have a great time of discussion on evangelism.  I also shared one of my sketch board messages, and it was very well received.  Afterwards many people came up to ask questions.  It was truly a blessing, and I’m looking forward to going back as the event continues to develop.
  • Boogie on the Avenue – This is a large street festival that takes place in downtown Campbell, just a few blocks from our church.  We’ve had some issues with the free speech rules and locations in the past, but this year things were much better. The free speech area was near a busy corner, and had a lot of foot traffic and many good conversations.  But I want to ask for prayer for one person in particular.  His name is Jim.  He is a militant atheist, and we’ve been talking online for years, primarily through Twitter.  On Saturday we had the chance to talk face to face (which has only happened a few times).  As usual he was very hostile to the Christian faith, and he expressed some views that even most atheists don’t, such as believing Jesus Christ never lived. It’s easy to focus too much on the intellectual, which I did, rather than remembering that unbelief comes primarily from the heart, rather than the head.  Please pray for Jim, that God will change his heart and bring him to repentance.  He is as anti-God as anyone I’ve met, but God can change even him.


Kids Bible Clubs – This is an area I am still excited about, but one where there is still a lot of work to do. Most of all, I need individuals and churches to partner with, particularly those near neighborhoods ideal for outreach.  That can be any neighborhood, provided someone gives us a spot to set up and help is reaching the local families.  But the best locations tend to be low income areas with many families in very close proximity.  That generally means more kids playing outside, and parents that are more open to their children hearing the Gospel.  If you would be interested in participating, or believe your church might, please let me know. Include what days you are generally available, and how often, where you live and how far you can travel, and if your church, or others in your church would like to participate.  I have to have local churches to recommend families to, so please pass the word along.

Abortion Ministry – This is an area that I am not excited about, but which keeps coming up, and which I believe the Lord is convicting me on.  There is such a need to be reaching out at the clinics, and though there are a number of pro-life groups out there, precious few seem to be Gospel-focused.  I’ve been talking to various people, looking for Godly counsel, and a fellow Gospel preacher just introduced me to some very faithful clinic ministers, who should be able to help me with resources and advice (thanks Tony).  Like the kids clubs, this type of ministry takes time, prayer, preparation, and a solid team to work with.  It’s not easy or wise to go to the clinics alone, so if you are interested in helping, in whatever capacity, whether once a week or once a year, please let me know.  And please, pray!

Support – God continues to provide for all our daily needs, and that is a huge blessing.  Please pray that he will provide the support that will allow me to drop my side jobs and focus on my Open Air Campaigners ministry full time.  I would love to spend some time with you over a meal or just a cup of coffee talking about what Open Air Campaigners is about, and where I believe God is leading our Bay Area ministry.  Let me know if you’re interested.

Vacation – Though finances have been tight, we have been saving for quite some time for a family vacation, and next week we will be traveling to southern California for several days visiting with friends, and also to spend a few days at Disneyland!  Our older daughter, Naomi, just graduated and is getting ready to spread her wings a bit (including likely some time in overseas missions work), so this may be our last chance for a nice family vacation for a while.  Please pray for safe travels and a relaxing time.  I’m planning to hit the ground running when I get back, so I’ll need all the energy


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2 Replies to “Ministry Report May 26, 2017”

  1. Didn’t apporove my comment?

    What am I supposed to take from that? That you don’t care about the truth? Or only think it’s the truth when it supports your side?

    1. Only think it’s true when it supports my side? That was pretty much my thoughts about you after our last couple interactions. You are one of the most biased people I’ve ever met Jim, and that’s saying something. I do care about truth, which is why I feel no obligation to give you a platform for your rudeness and misrepresentation. Take whatever you want from that. I care about your soul, but not your opinion of me.

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