OAC Bay Area 10/25/17 – Updates and Prayers

Hello all.  Just wanted to send an update on what’s been going on with our ministry.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks, for ministry and for side jobs.  In additional to our normal adult ministry (I generally go out three days a week), we’ve had some new opportunities.  I’ve started a short weekly Gospel message at a kids club our church has started.  Last week was the first one for me, and I think the time went very well.  The kids were very engaged and asked great questions. I’ve just finished the outline for tomorrow’s club.  Pray God continues to work there.

I’ve also been working with a local pastor on another kids club in Cupertino.  We spend time yesterday afternoon talking about setup, and walked the local park (the athletic fields are PACKED during the time we plan to be there) where we handed out flyers and talked to parents.  We will be having our first club next Monday at 5:30PM. Please pray it goes well.

Last Friday I had the privilege of speaking at an event on the Monterey Presidio military base.  It was a  voluntary event, with a couple short talks given followed by Q and A sessions.  I spoke a bit on the history of Martin Luther and the Reformation, and had a great time talking to the military personnel who attended.  I’m hoping for future opportunities there. We also spent some time sharing the Gospel in downtown Monterey, and God worked particularly on a young man named Michael.  Pray God continues drawing him.  I think he is very close to salvation.

I’ve also recently made good ministry contacts at both San Jose State and UC Berkeley.  I’ve met with Christian ministers on both campuses, and it looks like we will be partering for future outreaches.  I also just send a message to an assistant to the president of San Jose State, regarding free speech issues.  Pray that those ministry partnerships develop, and that God shows favor on our free speech questions.

We have received a couple large donations recently, including one large enough to buy the new ministry vehicle I need to transport my Preach-o-matic.  Praise God, and thank you to the generous couple who sent the money!  I’ve also been working a lot of side jobs, so we are relatively financially stable.  However, monthly donations are still very up and down.  We have a few very faithful supporters, but not enough to support all the opportunites we have openning up.  PLEASE pray for us, that God will provide more monthly supporters, and please consider joining us if you are able, and God has blessed you financially. We truly covet your prayers, and any help you can give in this area.

I’ve included some pictures below, along with links to our latest newsletter, and to our ministry web site.  If you have any questions, or would like to find out more about the ministry, send me a message.  Let’s talk on the phone or get together soon!

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