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Hi all! Thanks for following our ministry updates. Just dropping a quick note on some recent events. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

Dwell On Truth Podcast

Recently I’ve had the privilege of joining my friend Brenton Powers on local radio in Santa Cruz (1080AM’s afternoon drive show, Flight 1080), and have had a great time. In fact, it looks like we will uninvited back monthly, so please pray God continues to use that opportunity. I’m addition, Brenton now has his own radio show and podcast called Dwell on Truth. Recently he interviewed me for the show, and we spent the time talking about my background and ministry. I think it represents who I am and what I do very well, so I would encourage you to listen, and to share of you are encouraged. The link is below. I’ve also linked to a recent message I gave at my home church on the Gospel. I hope that’s encouraging and convicting as well.

Dwell on Truth Interview
Home Church Message

Comic Con Outreach

They San Jose Comic Con is a great opportunity to reach out to folks, and particularly youth in our community. I’ll be out sharing the Gospel with those attending on Friday and Saturday, and could really use others to join me. You can find the basic event info on my ministry Facebook page. The link is below.

Open Air Campaigners Bay Area Facebook Page

Praises and Prayer Requests

Adult ministry continues to go well, though I’ve had less time for it due to side jobs. Things are quieting down now, and I’m trying to move my focus back toward more ministry time. Pray I’m able to do so.

I’ve got one large public school kids club set for this next year, and I just got the info to help prep my lessons. The second I’ve been working on starting at a school near our church has stalled. The principal we met with left. We are still struggling to make contact with the new one. Please pray God opens those doors.

God has provided a great opportunity, along with another local evangelist, to minister on local radio, on a secular station no less. We’ve been on together three times so far, and it looks like it’s becoming a monthly thing. Pray we are able to continue, and that many will hear and respond to the Gospel, including the hosts.

God has provided much more side work, and we are in much better financial shape, though there are still challenges. He has also provided some very generous one-time gifts. Please pray we will be wise in how we use them.

I am continuing to work on raising support, and progress is still slow. Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision in this area too.

Please pray for my wife and for both of our daughters. They are also very busy.

I’ve posted some pictures from recently outreaches below. Even though I’ve been very busy with side jobs (which were very needed to catch up on some bills), I’ve still been very busy with different outreaches. I hope these are an encouragement.

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