OAC Bay Area – Fall 2019 Ministry Update

Hello all. Time for another ministry update. As always, I hope it will encourage you. Also, if you are not already doing so, I hope you will consider supporting us. There is much to do, and your support means more time in study and preparation, more time on the street and in other active ministry, and more time available for follow-up. Thanks!

An Encouraging Divine Appointment, and a New Approach
I love divine appointments, those times when God sets up an opportunity to share the Gospel, and I had a good one recently. I was out at the Santa Clara art wine festival a few weeks ago and had a new sign on my literature table. Among other things, it stated that I’m not a Jehovah’s Witness. People got a kick out of it, and many stopped after they read it. The one person who was not amused was a lady who is one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  She made a point of stopping to express her displeasure but would not stay to talk. I had never seen her before and didn’t expect to see her again.

A couple of days later I was doing a side job (security), working at an event venue. Someone came up to me, after seeing me in my uniform, and wanted to give me an Awake magazine about security. She didn’t recognize me, but I recognized her as the lady from the art and wine festival. She was shocked, and I think a bit amused, when I reminded her of who I was. We had a short, but pleasant, conversation. She was a guest at the event that night, but it turned out she also works special event staffing, like I do. She said she would be working an event that Saturday. I was scheduled to work the same event. At that venue I’m usually stuck in a stationary post, but that time I wasn’t, and she told me what section she’ll be working in.

When Saturday came, I went to her section, but didn’t find her. But she walked by my shortly afterwards. As is the norm for Jehovah’s Witnesses, she would not take my literature. So I took hers, marked it up, and plan to return it to her to give her some things to think about. Please pray I am able to do so. I’ve included some pictures of the marked-up JW booklet below. It might be something you could try too!

Also keep in mind, I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have nearly 8 million people, and many event venues. The 3 events mentioned are of totally different types (art and wine festival, concert and sporting event) in three different cities. Praise God for opening doors for the Gospel!!

Radio Ministry Continues!
A recent ministry opportunity I’ve really enjoyed is being on local radio. My friend Brenton Powers (check out Dwell on Truth Radio) have been on local talk radio in Santa Cruz five times and have become monthly guests. This is especially exciting since the show, Flight 1080 (on 1080AM Santa Cruz) is a secular show on a secular radio station, and Flight 1080 is the afternoon drive show, which means two to three hours for discussion and calls. It’s been great, and God has used the time. Please pray God keeps this ministry time going. And especially pray for the radio hosts, that they keep having us back, and that they are impacted by the Gospel, and that they come to talk to us afterwards, when we head downtown for outreach. We had two show up last week.

Kids Bible Club and Future Opportunities
School is back in session, and I’m back to teaching my weekly Bible kids club in Morgan Hill. Tomorrow will be our third club, and it’s going very well. There are a lot of new kids this time, and some of the questions we’ve gotten are very thoughtful and very deep, which is fantastic! Pray that God continues to work there.

I’m still waiting to hear back in the second kids club I’ve been praying for, at a school near my church. We were finally able to meet with the new principle, and the meeting was very possitive. We’re just waiting to hear back on what space is available. Pray something opens soon.

I also have had a supporter of our pass on information on outreach opportunities working with youth in a local low-income, high-crime city not far from us. I’ll be finding out more details soon and need wisdom as to whether I should pursue this. It sounds very interesting. They issue is timing, and not over-committing myself.

Finally, I’ll be participating in a local Christian school’s fundraising festival this weekend. Please pray I will share Christ faithfully and that the Kids and parents there will be impacted.

Upcoming OctoberFest and Halloween Outreaches
I have two other big events I would appreciate prayer for. First, my church will have an outreach booth at a local OktoberFest art and wine festival in a couple weeks, a project I have been pushing for, and am helping to plan. This is the first time we have rented a booth for the whole event in several years, and I’m very excited. Please pray it is a great success. We are already talking about having the booth for future events, but I think the success of this month’s event will make a difference and remind people just how powerful this kind of ministry can be.

Second, I’ll be out at a local safe trick-or-trear event again this year with the same church that hosts the kids Bible Club I teach for. Last year was amazingly successful and busy, and we talked to literally hundreds of people. But there was also some negative feedback from a few vocal atheists, and even a church or two. Pray God has His hand on us, and that the positive impact will be even greater, despite any negative feedback.

Outreach Schedule and Pictures
Our outreach schedule for the rest of the month is below, along with pictures from recent ministry. Please pray for God’s continued blessing, and that many will come to know Him.

All for His glory,
Dan B.


Morgan Hill Kids Club – Thursday, October 10th, 1:30PM to 3:30PM

Cupertino Farmers Market Outreach – Friday, October 11th, 9AM to Noon

Race for Education at Milpitas Christian School – Saturday, October 12th, 11AM to 3PM

San Jose State University Outreach – Wednesday, October 16th, 11AM to 2PM

Morgan Hill Kids Club – Thursday, October 17th, 1:30PM to 3:30PM

Cupertino Farmers Market Outreach – Friday, October 18th, 9AM to Noon

Campbell Oktoberfest Outreach – Saturday, October 19th

Campbell Oktoberfest Outreach – Sunday, October 20th

San Jose State University Outreach – Wednesday, October 23rd, 11AM to 2PM

Morgan Hill Kids Club – Thursday, October 24th, 1:30PM to 3:30PM

Cupertino Farmers Market Outreach – Friday, October 25th, 9AM to Noon

Palo Alto Downtown Outreach – Friday, October 25th, 6PM to 9PM

Saturday Outreach – Saturday, October 26th, AM, details TBD

Oakland Downtown Outreach – Wednesday, October 30th, 11AM to 2PM

Safe Trick or Treat in Morgan Hill – Thursday, October 31st, 6PM to 8PM

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