Weekly Outreach Update 4/4 to 4/10/16

I’m going to try summarizing weekly outreach info going forward, so those who follow my ministry are inundated with quite so many Facebook
posts (since I tend to send them while on the street as well). It also
makes it easier to post a quick blog update and pictures for those who
don’t spend much time on social media. Let me know if this is an
encouragement, and if so, please consider sharing it.
Thursday – Market and Powell in San Francisco
As usual, this was a great time of outreach.  This
is a very busy area, and the foot traffic is always good, though many
who pass through are ambivalent and dismissive (likely because there are
so many people “selling” in the area.  When I arrived I saw
Thomas, a gentleman from Indonesia who I see handing out Gospel tracts
there frequently.  It was good to see him, and he introduced me to
Bill, who works with the homeless community, and was also passing out
tracts.  I’m hoping we will be able to talk about future ministry
in the area.  There were also many good conversations.  Pray
for Cao (a Chinese believer), Mike, Ross, Lawrence, and particularly a
black gentleman that Bill and I tried to talk to.  He started out
relatively polite, but ended up being very aggressive and
confrontational.  He badly needs his pride broken and for Christ to
save him.

Saturday – Second Saturdays in Campbell
Our church is trying to find more ways to reach out into our local
community, and since downtown Campbell is just a couple blocks from our
campus we’re looking for events like Second Saturdays where the locals
are out.  This time it rained almost the entire time, but
surprisingly at LOT of tracts went out. I also got a chance to talk to
and pray with Tim, and gentleman who goes to church with some
friends.  He was encouraged and decided to join from friends for
outreach that night.  What a blessing!

Sunday  – Eastridge Mall Outreach
Since I’ve been working on developing my sketch board technique, as well
as new outreach locations, it has been a long time since I’ve done any
mall outreach.  It was great to join the Norcal Seedsowers team at
Eastridge mall again, and it was also an opportunity to use my hand-held
sketch board for the first time.  The day was great!  The
mini-sketch board turned out to be a great tool, and I had some good
sized groups come around to watch.  It was a huge encouragement,
and I’ll certainly be using it again.  Please pray for all those
who heard, but particularly for Juan and his family, for John (an
unbeliever who talked with Oswaldo, and was very closed to the Gospel),
and Cindy, Jenny and their mom, who are Catholic.  We had a good
conversation, and the girls actually came back later with friends to
watch one of the sketches!

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