Weekly Outreach Update 5/1 to 5/8/16

Hello all!  I hope things are well, and I hope you will be
encouraged by this update.  As you read, please pray for those who
heard the Gospel, and those who will hear in the coming week.  Be
sure to check our outreach schedule.  If you are local, we pray
that you will join us. If not, please pray.

Wednesday Tim and I headed to San Francisco. We had the
privilege of meeting Tim Svoboda, who runs the local YWAM office.
We were introduced via email by a mutual friend.  He brought
several other YWAM leaders, and was able to watch a couple of
sketches.  I’m hoping we will be able to partner in ministry some
time soon.  It would be great to have some of the youth join us in
one-on-one witnessing, and it sounds like some of the things they are
working on (particularly memorizing and reciting scripture) would work
well with what we do.

Tim and I also had a number of good conversations.  James, an
atheist, asked a number of challenging, but respectful, questions, and
we had a good dialogue.  He also videoed the conversation.  I
hope he’ll watch it again later.  Kaia stopped to talk too.
She grew up Catholic, as I did, but due to the hypocrisy she saw was
disenchanted and left the church.  However, she was very open to
hearing the Gospel, and it was a really good talk.  She took a
tract and a card.  I hope she will look at my site for some of the
answers she was looking for.

While I was talking with Kaia, Lawrence came up.  He is possibly
the most aggressive, hateful, and unreasonable atheist I’ve ever met
(and I’ve met a lot).  We’ve interacted many times, and last time I
was there he stayed around for hours. When he didn’t like what he heard
he yelled profanities and playing his radio in our face to drown us
out.  This time I chose to simply ignore him.  Scripture says
we are not to cast our pearls before swine, and this was certainly that

Thankfully, a young believer by the name of Mike engaged Lawrence in
conversation.  While he did, I was able to talk to Jorge.
Jorge recently lost his mother.  He felt he had not done all he
could for her, and was openly weeping. I was able to pray for him, and
he took a tract and Bible.  Please pray for him.

This was likely our last trip to San Jose State this semester, since
it’s almost finals time.  Tim, Judy and I had a really good day. We
had particularly good conversations with Jeremy and Farzeen.
Jeremy called himself a Unitarian Universalist, and certainly held with
many of their beliefs.  However, he was very open to talk, and even
though I challenged strongly, we had a great talk.  He took a card
and a tract.  Farzeen watched the preaching for quite a while, and
talked for quite a while too.  He also took a tract and a
card.  Please pray for both of them.

This week we’ll be in Oakland on Thursday, San Jose on Friday, and
downtown Campbell on Saturday afternoon.  Please pray God will be
glorified and souls saved.

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