Weekly Outreach Update 5/9 to 5/15/16

It was another really good week of outreach.  I tend to put a
lot of information here, so I’ll try to keep it a bit more
compact.  If this encourages you, please share it.  If you
would like to join us on the street, please contact me.  If you
don’t know Christ, please spend a bit of time looking around. The best
place to start is the GOSPEL page.  Feel free to send me an email if you have questions or want to talk more.

Thursday – Downtown Oakland

Oakland was good, and as usual many took tracts.  But it became a
particularly special day when Mark came by.  He and I had talked
at length before, and he listened for a while this day as well.  He
came up and talked to Tim, then me, and after some additional
counseling asked how to receive Christ.  I walked him through the
Gospel, prayed for him, and encouraged him to cry out to God to save
him, which he did.  It was a great privilege to be there while God
was working.  Time will tell if his conversion was genuine, but I
believe it likely was.  Please pray for him.  Also, please
pray for Raymond, who came up for prayer and help in finding a good
church, for Marty and for Robert.

Friday – Downtown San Jose

Foot traffic in San Jose was a bit light Friday night, but we were
still able to preach the Gospel, and many heard.  I was joined by
James and Tim.  Tim handed out lots of tracts, and James joined me
in preaching.  James had several hecklers, which always causes
others to watch.  He also talked with a young homeless man we have
spoke to before, and was able to buy him a meal.  While he was
preaching I handed a tract to a young man named Will.  I encouraged
him to read it later.  Instead, he stopped and read the entire
tract there.  This lead to a great conversation that lasted nearly
an hour.  Will isn’t sure what he believes, but was very open,
polite, and thoughtful, and I thoroughly enjoyed our talk. Please pray
we can get together and talk again.

Saturday – Campbell Second Saturdays

Downtown Campbell is near our church, so I like to go there for
community events.  For Second Saturdays they have sidewalk sales,
live music, and other special events.  We brought our prayer stand
and Pastor Randy Wing and I handed out a ton of tracts, as well as
flyers to our Coffee and Questions night, which is tomorrow (pray people
will come!)  We also had a long conversation with a young girl
named Anne.  She grew up in the church, but has walked away from
it, and clearly did not know the Gospel.  She didn’t go away
believing, but was very attentive as we shared with her.  Please
pray she comes to salvation.

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