New Year Update and Goals 2020

Hello All! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and In hope your 2020 is going wonderfully so far.  Yes, I’m a few weeks late for Christmas, but life has been busy (mostly in a good way), and I hope this will be an encouragement anyway. And now that you’re no longer getting “please send us your money,  we need it before the year ends” letters from every group under the sun, we would humbly ask you to consider supporting us in 2020. We are not desperate. God always provides. But we are praying more of that provision comes from faithful folks like you who believe in our mission to share the Gospel rather than so much of it coming from additional side-jobs. So please consider it prayerfully and let us know if the reports below encourage you. Feel free to pass this on if you think it will encourage someone else.

Director’s Conference in Maine
Once every other year the directors of each of our ministry branches get together for a week of fellowship, prayer, devotions and talking about the future of the ministry.  I look forward to spending time with these godly men. This year we talked about Outreach methods, ministry branding, branch communication and cooperation and upcoming ministry internships. It looks like we’ll have new and younger blood coming into the ministry soon, and that’s exciting!  We also had the chance to explore the area a bit, visiting nearby towns and even a small local Creation Museum, where we heard a very encouraging lecture and saw some very cool stuff.  I’m already looking forward to bringing my family to the Family Conference next year.

Christmas in the Park
Christmas in the Park is always one of my favorite yearly outreach locations and this year was plenty busy, despite being out of town for the first week.  Many people heard the Gospel preached, received tracts, and stopped to talk to us.  One night we were encouraged to have the folks from Trinity Bible Church in Morgan Hill come out to the event too.  I’d encourage you to invite folks from your church, if you haven’t already done so, to join you for these type of Christmas events.  They can be very encouraging.  If you’re local and would like help in this area, let me know and we’ll see if we can’t work together for a church outreach next year.

Radio Ministry
Next week will mark my 10th time joining my friend Brenton Powers and host Dave Michaels on the Flight 1080 radio show in Santa Cruz.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this outreach has been so fun and so encouraging.  Each show seems to be better, with more and more callers and great conversations.  It looks like this could be a permanent part of my outreach schedule, so please pray God continues to bless it.  And of course we want to see Dave, who is not a Christian, come to know the one true God.

Plans for 2020
I could really use prayer as I finish my planning for the new year.  I have a ton of things I’d like to accomplish, including reaching full support, planning additional Art and Wine Festival outreaches (is there a good one in your area?}, starting additional kids Bible clubs, writing and printing more Gospel tracts, more regular mall ministry, partnering with more local churches, improving communication so more volunteers can join me, and so many more things I don’t have space or time to mention.  I should have a priority list soon that I will send out as a prayer list.  But in the meantime please pray God gives me wisdom as to what I should and shouldn’t focus my time on.  I want these plans to be according to His desires, not just my own. 

Final Notes:
Our outreach schedule for the next couple weeks is below.  Let me know if you would like to join us on the streets, or if there is any way I can encourage or pray for you.  God bless you all, and thanks for your part in this ministry!

All for His glory,

Dan B.


Mountain View Outreach – Friday, January 17th, 6PM to 9PM

Downtown Berkeley Outreach – Saturday, January 12PM to 4PM

San Jose State Outreach – Wednesday, January 22nd, 11AM to 2:30PM

Flight 1080 Radio Show – Wednesday, January 22nd, 4PM to 7PM  – You can’t join us, but feel free to call in!

Morgan Hill Kids Bible Club – Thursday, January 23rd, Afternoon

Cupertino Farmers Market Outreach – Friday, January 24th, 9AM to Noon

Monterey Outreach (near Fisherman’s Wharf) – Saturday, January 25th, 11AM to 3PM

Stanford University Outreach – Wednesday, January 29th, 11AM to 2:30PM

Morgan Hill Kids Bible Club – Thursday, January 30th, Afternoon

Cupertino Farmers Market Outreach – Friday, January 31st, 9AM to Noon

Palo Alto Outreach – Friday, January 31st, 6PM to 9PM

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