Flight 1080 Show Resources 1/22/20

Today was another day on the Flight 1080 Show on KSCO Santa Cruz. Today I tried to post some helpful resources as we went, but my blog wasn’t updating correctly, so I’m posting some now, based on the subjects that came up. We were hoping to talk about truth (epistemology), and specifically the truth of the Christian faith, so I started with some videos on the ultimate proof of the Christian faith. The other resources are based on discussions we had. I hope these are a blessing. Feel free to add a comment or email me if you have questions. Thanks!

You can listen to the show, from January 22nd, HERE.

Dan Beaudoin

Brenten Powers

www.ksco.com – 1080 AM Santa Cruz
Flight 1080 – Web Site, Facebook Site

dwellontruth.org – Brenton’s podcast

How Do We Know Christianity is True?
Why believe in Christianity over all other religions? – CARM Article

On Defending the Truth of the Christian Faith
The Ultimate Proof of Creation
Nuclear Strength Apologetics – Jason Lisle – Part 1Part 2

Jehovah’s Witness Info
Understanding the Jehovah’s Witnesses – James White
The Forgotten Trinity – James White (This is a VITAL subject for dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses!)
The Cultish Show – Excellent info on cults in general, and several testimonies from folks who have escaped from the Watchtower organization.

Islam Info
Intro to Islam – Dr. James White Video
Islam A – Z – James White Video 1 and Video 2

What About Children Who Die Young? Where Do They Go?
Why Do You Believe That Infants Who Die Go to Heaven? – from John Piper
Do babies and others incapable of professing faith in Christ automatically go to heaven? – From Grace to You (John MacArthur)
What Do We Say to a Mother Who Has Lost Her Child in Infancy When She Asks, “Is My Child in Heaven?” – Ligonier Ministries (RC Sproul)

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