Online Evangelism Training – Session 1

Hi all. Here are the recordings from our Friday and Saturday online evangelism training sessions. Let me know if you have any problems playing them. For now, please direct people to my blog to watch rather than sharing this across all social media. I’m still deciding if I want to post it on YouTube, though I have downloaded the videos so I have that option. But I want to be sure those who missed the classes don’t fall behind. So here you go!

Also, I am planning to give this class again in the future, so I’m looking for constructive criticism, whether it’s presentation, content, or whatever. I may not agree with everyone’s assessment, but I will absolutely take feedback seriously, so I can make each class better. You can comment here or email me at Thanks!

Dan B.

Session 1 Friday, March 20th

Session 1 Saturday, March 21st

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