Ask The Evangelists – The Pandemic and Other Questions

The world has been changing quickly, and every day it seems like we’re running into something new and different. So we’re trying something new in different as well, only in a good way. This event will be the 1st, and hopefully the 1st of many, Ask the Evangelists meeting. Missionaries from Open Air Campaigners will come together on Zoom (its group meeting software you can use for free), to discuss some of the questions that people are asking about the Coronavirus, and about Christianity and God in general, and then take questions. But this is not an event just for, or even primarily for, believers in Christ. Anyone can join in, and we want you to invite your friends and family who have questions as well. This will be a no-holds-barred discussion. We will have some general points ready to start things off, but then you can ask any questions or challenge us in any way they want, with a few basic rules:

1. No rudeness
2. No profanity
3. Respect the moderator and other participants and wait your turn.

That’s it! People are looking for answers during this tough time, and we want to help them find some of those answers. I hope you’ll consider joining us, and I really hope you’ll help us get the word out. Message me if you have questions, and I hope I’ll see you online!!

We will post the video HERE after the event is complete


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