Pandemic VBS and Ministry Growth

Hello all.  The pandemic and the protests continue, and our country (and world) look very different than they used to.  Thankfully, the Gospel hasn’t changed, and God continues to give opportunities to share His hope.  I pray the info below will give you hope and encouragement.  Please take a few minutes to read, forward it if you think someone might be interested or encouraged, and please continue to lift us up in prayer.  God bless!

Dan B.
OAC Bay Area

VBS During the Pandemic

I had several vacation Bible schools planned this summer, but when the pandemic hit, I wondered if I would lose them all.  Thankfully, I’ve already finished one, and have another one scheduled for next week. 

The first was in East Palo Alto, a small community in the East Bay Area with a history of crime and poverty.  I partnered with Bayshore Christian Ministries, who set up the VBS in a local park.  I was asked to be the Bible teacher for the week, and of course, I brought my sketchboard.  It was a challenge, and a smaller than normal group of kids, but the week went well, and the Gospel was preached clearly.  I praise God the time and am praying that the kids were impacted.

My next VBS is with West Hills Community Church.  I work with them during the school year as the Bible teacher for one of their weekly kids clubs.  This VBS will be all online, so it’s going to be VERY interesting!  We are expecting well over 100 kids to attend, so we spent a good amount of time yesterday talking about how the sessions would run, and setting up lighting, cameras, sound and stage positions.  It’s will also be a good trial run for future kids clubs, since it looks like they will have to go online in the fall too.  Please pray for us as we work out the rest of the details, and of course, as we broadcast live next week.  I’ll share the YouTube links once we’re done, so you can pass them on to the kids on your life who need to know Christ!

OAC Bay Area is Growing!

Some of you have listened to my radio show recordings, where my good friend Brenten and I have been guests on local radio in Santa Cruz.  I’ve enjoyed partnering with Brenten for ministry, and he must agree, since he now applied and been accepted as an intern with Open Air Campaigners!  The goal has always been to see OAC Bay Area grow, and Brenten is an excellent addition to our local and national ministry.  Please pray for us as we adjust to working together, and as we head out the East Coast for training in a few weeks.  Brenten will be learning to use the sketchboard, and I will be one of the teachers for our Sketchboard Evangelism Training (which I hope can be brought to the West Coast in the future).  Please consider dropping Brenten a note of encouragement at his web site,, or on Facebook.  You can support him, or me, financially at

Since Brenton lives in Monterey County, I’ve also been planning more outreaches in that area, which have been great.  In addition to visiting Santa Cruz regularly, which I’ve been doing for years, we’ve also started visiting the Monterey waterfront and Carmel Beach.  They are new “fishing holes”, but are very promising.  Please pray our work there continues to grow, and if you are local, we’d love to have you come out and join us.

Outreach Schedule

Our outreach schedule has been changing regularly, due to regular changes in Covid restrictions, so if you want to join us, please contact me directly so I can keep you updated, or follow my Facebook Page (  You can also join our email list or text message list.  Just send me an email at and I’ll add you.

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