OAC Bay Area – August Update 2020

Hello all!  Thanks for checking in again, and I hope you are all still staying safe and healthy as we continue on through this crazy year.  It’s been a wild time, but God is still working, and we are excited to see what He’s doing. So please keep us in prayer, and keep checking back.  I hope you’re encouraged!

Ministry Interview

As I mentioned in my last update, my friend and radio ministry partner Brenten is now an intern with Open Air Campaigners and a member of our Bay Area branch.  As part of his fundraising effort, he and I recorded an interview about a month ago.  We talked a lot about Open Air Campaigners, our work, and our heart for ministry.  Please consider watching and sharing it.  The first link below is a partial clip with some key points.  The second is the full version.  Let us know what you think!

Online VBS

A few weeks ago I also participated in an online Vacation Bible School with West Hills Community Church.  It went very well!  The videos are still online, so if you have kids in your life this is a way to get some Bible teaching into them.  I was the Bible teacher the last two days.  Let me know what you think!


Sketchboard Evangelism Training

Last week Brenten and I headed out to the East Coast for Sketchboard Evangelism Training (SET), our OAC in-depth evangelism training seminar.  It was a full week of mostly 12 hour days, in the classroom and on the street.  Brenten was one of the students and I was an instructor. Not only was the learning and fellowship great, but the outreach was too.  We had the privilege of sharing the Gospel with kids, and adults, in Baltimore, Maryland, which was some of the toughest neighborhoods in the country.  Many people knew Tom, our boss, and doors were wide open for ministry.  What a blessed time it was!  Please pray for all those who heard, and that the students will move forward into fruitful ministry around the country.

Tahoe Training

This weekend I’ll be heading out with the family to Lake Tahoe.  We’ll have some time for rest, but I’ll be spending a good portion of the time training a friend and ministry partner to use the sketchboard and going to the streets and beaches to put what he learns into practice.  I’ll also be giving a message on Sunday morning at Tahoe Community Church and participating in an evening outreach service.  Please pray for our time.  I’m excited for the future opportunities this could provide!

Outreach Schedule

A link to our outreach schedule is below.  A lot of our big events for the year have been canceled or delayed due to Covid, but I’m checking regularly to see what will still be happening, so check back regularly for updates, or contact me for more info.

Please Consider Partnering With Us!

We are looking for those willing and able to partner with us financially on a monthly basis as we continue our work.  We have also hit some financial difficulties this month, since giving has been down due to the virus, and side work has largely dried up.  Please consider supporting us if you can.  You can go to www.oacgive.org, or contact me directly for more info on Open Air Campaigners Bay Area.  Thanks!

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