OAC Bay Area – Pandemic and Riots Update

Hi all! We are slowly ramping up to some semblance of a regular outreach schedule, and if feels wonderful to be on the streets again. But our outreach time continues to be weird. After Covid the protests and riots made me concerned with safety at some of my normal preaching spots, but things are calmer. I’d appreciate prayers for wisdom over the next few weeks as I decide where I can reach people effectively. I’m taking time and exploring a bit to find better spots. Still, God is continuing to work, and I wanted to share a couple stories that I think will encourage you.

Only Tough on the Surface

“I think it’s bull***t!” That’s was the reaction of a gentleman Nick and I met in downtown Campbell a couple weeks ago when i asked what he thought about the person of Jesus Christ. The man, who I will call G, was older, and had a lot of stories to tell. But he was also willing to listen, and as time went on and I was able to share more of the Gospel he softened. At the end he was near tears, talking about the fact that he had lost most of his family, and felt alone. He was also very thoughtful when hearing the Gospel, and expressed interest in talking more. He even talked about bringing friends when we got together! I’ve been in touch since via text. Please pray we can meet, and for his health (he just had major surgery). And be encouraged! People are often less hostile then they appear, and the possibility of a conversation will depend on your response. Trust in the Spirit, be patient, and step out in faith.

A Divine Appointment Via Text

I frequently pray for divine appointments, those times when God puts us or others in just the right place at just the right time. I’ve seen more than I can count over the years, but I had a pretty special one recently. I send off group texts every week or so to those who like to join me for outreach, or who want to know whats going on so they can pray. Several weeks ago after sending one of those texst I got an interesting text back. It came from a total stranger, who had apparently just gotten a phone number that used to belong to a ministry partner. You can see the text below on the left. The lady who responded (I’ll call her M) had been wondering about spiritual things and didn’t know who to ask, so God sent her my way. It’s great when the unbeliever recognizes the divine appointment! She asked a number of questions, particularly about the end times (a lot more people have been thinking that direction lately), and then asked if I know someone in her area. I was able to connect her with an evangelist I know in her city, and they have been talking. Recently she sent a very encouraging follow-up text (on the right). God is good! Please pray for M, and that God will continue to work in her heart!

New Sketch Video

This video was taken at a front yard church service I was invited to participate in. It’s a basic Gospel message, and one that might be good to share on social media or with unsaved friends and family. I’d love to hear what you think!

As always, thanks for your time. For more information, to visit our site, or to support us, check out the links below. Contact me directly if you want to come out to the streets sometime. Things are changing frequently now, so personal contact is best for scheduling. God bless!

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