OAC Norcal – 2022 Spring Update

A lovely night in downtown Palo Alto

Hello all!  There are a number of new friends on the email list this month, so welcome!  For those reading this online who are not yet on our email list, welcome as well, and we hope you’ll contact us.  It is a blessing to be doing the Lord’s work in Northern California, and it’s a blessing to know each of you.  I hope this report is encouraging, and that’s you’ll share it with your Christian friends so that they can be encouraged too.  If you are not a Christian, and are reading this, let’s chat.  I’d love to share how you can know Jesus and have the hope of eternal life as well.  You can reach me at dan@yoursoulmatters.org.

A New Opportunity – High School Outreach
I love speaking with young people, and God has opened up a new opportunity recently.  Twice in the last month I’ve been able to partner with high school Christian clubs, one in the East Bay and one here in San Jose, both of which are part of the National Schools Project.  This project has, for the last 20 years, been helping to launch and support Christian clubs in high schools and Jr. high schools here in California and in several other major metro areas around the country.  Definitely a ministry worth checking out!My first outreach was in a public park in Richmond.  The club members invited their friends, and we had quite a few kids.  They had food, music, and a ton of games, and I was asked to give the Gospel message.  I spoke on the problem of evil, one of the most common questions I get asked on the street, and the response was very good.  Please pray for the seeds that were planted, and especially for a young Catholic gentleman I spoke with afterwards.The second event was a lunch time club, so I only had a half hour for my presentation and questions.  But it was a great half hour!  The kids really seemed to connect with the message, which this time was on finding our identity in God’s creation of and purpose for us.  The questions I had time for were good, and I was able to share my web site.  Please pray for those kids, and for wisdom for the group leaders who will continue to work with them.Nothing is set in stone yet, but I expect to have more opportunities to work with the National School Project (which will be changing names to Decision Point in June) more in the future.  Our next generation is being attacked and deceived from all sides.  Let’s make sure they hear the truth!

Open Air Campaigners International
Some of you may not know that Open Air Campaigners is not just a local ministry that I started.  It’s not even a US ministry, though we have been active in the United States since the 1950.  No, OAC has it’s roots in Sydney, Australia in the 1890s, and we are now active in more than 30 countries around the world.  That’s one of the reasons I like OAC so much.  It has a solid foundation and a rich history.Earlier this month we had the privilege of a visit from David Proaño and his wife Monica.  David and Monica, in addition to traveling around the world representing Open Air Campaigners, serve in the nation of Ecuador.  It was great to spend time with them, hear the stories of their ministry to native tribes and in the jungles, and how they came to be a part of OAC.If was also a blessing to see them minister and preach!   We have a lot of Spanish speakers locally, and David decided to preach a sketch message in Spanish when we were out at Monterey.  As he preached, Monica translated the message into English.  I was so encouraged!  I have been trying to learn Spanish myself, and it made me even more determined to continue my studies.The video of David and Monica is below.  I pray it encourages you like it did me.  Also, you can find out more about them at the link just below the video.



How Can I Encourage You?
I love going out and sharing Christ with people.  I also love teaching others to share the Gospel.  I’ve had several great opportunities recently at local churches to do just that.  My recent message from Neighborhood Bible Church in San Jose is below.  If your church, or small group, could use encouragement and training in this area too, please let me know.  Additionally, I’m always excited to share how God is using our ministry locally to get the Gospel out.  I would consider it a privilege to share some stories of what God has been doing, so even if you have good evangelism training, perhaps your church would consider partnering with a local missionary.  We can reach the world in our own neighborhoods here in the Bay Area. 

Summer is Coming!
I’m in the process of laying out a schedule for our big outreach events this summer.  If you know of a festival, convention, parade, or the like near you that might provide more opportunity to share the Gospel, I’d love to hear about it.  I can help you, or your church, set up an outreach booth, or just train folks to hand out tracts and share with people one-on-one.  Let me help you advance the Great Commission.
Our first festival will be coming up soon.  The Boggie Music Festival in downtown Campbell is scheduled for March 21st and 22nd, and we will have an outreach booth.  The festival is all day Saturday and Sunday, and we’ll be out there the whole time.  But I’m going to need help, and this is a great opportunity to get better at sharing the Gospel.  If you would like to come by and join us for an hour or two, send me an email and I’ll add you to the calendar.  The picture below is from last year.  These kind of festivals are GREAT for outreach, so don’t miss out on the opportunity!

Praise and Prayer
As always, we can’t do what we do without prayer.  Evangelism is spiritual warfare, and we need the protection of the Spirit of God when we hit the streets. 
Please pray for us as we head out, and please keep these prayers and praises in mind as well.
We are praising God for continued financial provision
We are praising God for continued good street ministry and many, many good conversations
We are praising God for recent speaking opportunities, in local churches and high school Christian clubs
Please pray that I will be full time by the end of the year, and hopefully within the next 6 months
Please pray for our radio show and podcast, Dwell on Truth, and that God will continue to give us wisdom in preparing, and will use it powerfully
Please pray as we plan for the summer outreach season and future art, wine and music  festival outreaches.
Please pray for salvation for unsaved family members

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