2022 Fall Update

Hello all!  It’s been too long since my last update, nearly 6 months. Sorry about that.  It’s been a good, and very busy, summer, and I’m excited to be back into fall, which means university outreach, one of my favorite things to do.   There are so many things I could talk about, but below are some highlights, and a lot of pictures. There were too many good events to give details. Also, please be sure to check out our prayer requests, and to think about ways I could help you or your church. Thinks like vacation Bible school, community festivals, Sunday morning preaching, or special outreaches (Christmas is coming!) are things I love to do to encourage and equip local believers. If there is any way I can bless you in this area, please let me know!

TIny Hearbeat Ministry Visit

A few months ago I had the privilege of spending some time with the leaders and interns from Tiny Hearbeat Ministries, and pro-life outreach team from the western Washington/Idaho area.  Andrew Kerin, who runs the ministry, had considered coming on board with Open Air Campaigners, but felt called specifically to speak up for the lives of the unborn, particularly on high school and college campuses.  But they still share the Gospel, and they still use some OAC methods, so when he brought his group down to the Bay Area we spent a couple days together, sharing Christ in San Francisco and in Santa Cruz.  It was a great time of ministry and fellowship, and I think the team was encouraged.  It’s so important to know the basics of sharing the Gospel, and to take the time to practice your evangelism skills. The team did a great job, and I hope to have them back in the future.

Boogie Music Festival – One of our yearly art and music festival in Campbell, not far from my church. A bunch of people came by to help, a ton of tracts went out, and we had lots of great conversations.

West Hill VBS – I was able to help with vacation Bible school again this year. I love working with kids, and West Hills in Morgan Hill usually has close to 150 kids! What a joy to see them so engaged with the message. They had fun, and I had fun, and the Gospel was clearly preached.

East Coast Visit – These pics are from a night of outreach in Silver Spring Maryland when the family and I took a trip to Washington DC for a wedding. My boss, Tom Fox, runs the Baltimore/DC branch of Open Air Campaigners. It was great spending time with him, and being reminded of the Christian heritage of our nation. Oh, how far we have fallen!

Benicia Peddler’s Fair – Another great local festival! The Peddler’s Fair in Benicia brought locals and visitors, which is what I love. We were told to leave at one point, but I politely pointed out that we were on a public sidewalk, outside the event boundary, so they left us alone. It’s good to know, and assert, your rights. Just be nice about it! It was a great day with lots of good conversations.

Santa Clara Art and Wine Festival – Another yearly event, and one of my favorites. We had some trouble with the weather the second day, with rain and wind so bad it damaged my canopy, but God still used the time!

Some Other Recent Outreach Pictures

Prayer Requests

University ministry – We are back at Stanford and San Jose State, and I will be meeting with the leader of the biggest Christian group on the Stanford campus in a week or two. This could open up great opportunities on that campus.

High School Ministry – I’m praying for more high school ministry opportunities. I have an outreach event with the team from Decision Point tonight. Decision Point helps organize and run student-led high school clubs around the Bay Area. I’ve already worked with them a couple times. Please pray for more opportunities!

Director’s Conference – I’m leaving tomorrow morning for our OAC director’s retreat. Please pray for safe travels, and that it will be a great time of refreshing and planning for our team.

Moving to Full Time – My biggest goal and prayer is the desire to drop my secular side-work to focus on ministry. Please pray for wisdom for me in this area. God knows the details, but suffice it to say that I find it very difficult.

Visits: 30

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