Ministry Outreach Update – 11/21 to 11/30/16

Hello all!  Our latest outreach update is below, along with upcoming outreaches.  There is a lot coming up, so be sure to take a look.  In particular, Open Air Campaigners Field Director Eric Briscoe will be visiting this week to spend some time with me, and will be joining us on the streets Friday and Saturday.  We will also be having a short meeting at The Home Church at noon on Sunday to talk about Open Air Campaigners, for those who want to learn more about the ministry.  We would love to see you there, if you have the time.

11/23 – Downtown San Jose/Christmas in the Park Outreach and Prayer – I spent this afternoon in and around Christmas in the Park.  The event was not open yet, but I went primarily to spend time walking the area and praying for our upcoming outreaches.  It was a good time of prayer.  I also handed out tracts as I walked, and spent some time reading aloud as well.

11/25 – Black Friday Outreach – I joined James Bynum, one of my long time ministry partners, in handing out tracts at the crosswalk between the Valley Fair and Santana Row shopping centers.  One Black Friday this is THE busiest intersection in the city, and we handed out hundreds of tracts.  I also spent time reading scripture aloud, and we had an excellent conversation with a young man who is struggling with homosexuality.

10/30 – San Jose State Outreach – Tim and I headed out to preach at San Jose State today.  Many tracts went out, and we had a couple good conversations.  Rachel was a young lady working with a group visiting the campus to bring awareness to animal cruelty, and said she was a believer.  She had heard me reading scripture aloud and stopped to ask us about public evangelism. We also talked to Muhamad, a young Muslim man.  He teaches at a local Islamic center, and we had an excellent discussion about who God is and how we can be saved.  I gave him my card, and he texted me just a few minutes later to thank me for the discussion.  I have asked him if we could get together for coffee soon, and he seemed very open to the idea.  Please pray God works on his heart.

Christmas in the Park is now open!  Our first two nights there will be this Friday and Saturday. Eric Briscoe will be joining us for these outreaches.  I’m looking forward to learning from him, and would encourage you to join us as well, if you are available.   If you can’t come, please pray God works powerfully.  Thanks!

Dan B.



San Jose State Outreach – Wednesday, November 30th, 11AM to 3PM

Christmas in the Park Outreaches (see below)



Oakland Outreach – Wednesday, December 14th, 11AM to 2PM

Christmas in the Park Outreaches – As usual, I will be focusing much of my ministry time in December on Christmas in the Park, in downtown San Jose.  Foot traffic will be very heavy, and tracts go out very easily.  It is also a great place for the sketch board.  Please plan on joining me for a few of these days, if at all possible.  If you plan on coming, let me know so I can add you to the outreach list.  Thanks!

Friday, December 2nd, 6PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 3rd, 6PM to 10PM

Thursday, December 8th, 6PM to 9PM
Friday, December 9th, 6PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 10th, 6PM to 10PM

Friday, December 16th, 6PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 17th, 6PM to 10PM

Wednesday, December 21st, 6PM to 9PM
Friday, December 23rd, 6PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 24th, 12PM to 4PM

Wednesday, December 28th, 6PM to 9PM
Friday, December 30th, 6PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 31st, 6PM to 10PM

I am planning to add additional Christmas in the Park outreaches, but dates are yet to be determined.  Stay tuned for more!

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